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VFD Clock
VFD Graphic EQ
Power Supply
Sony CRT Viewfinder
Philips CRT Viewfinder
K8048 PIC Programmer
Welcome to my website that will give you an insight into my projects.
I set this website up with software and learned knowledge from collage,
but not what the USA calls a collage because I live in the UK. for those
who are interested the formatting is done with CSS. The design is simple
because I have set this website up in my own time and I'm rather lazy.

READ THIS: If you decide to replicate any of my projects I cannot,
will not be responsible for you or any damage caused to you or anyone
else even death as it you and only you who is responsible for your actions.
before you even embark on any electronics from this site or another project
from another site you should know the relevant safety that is required.
Legal shit sorted, to protect me from the... less intelligent of us.

I wish to share my projects with the world as electronics is my main hobby,
I have never had a formal education in the subject so my projects are built
to work, not in the most effective way possible. However if you have any
ideas on how to improve my designs then please tell me, it would also be
interesting to hear what you have worked on, but no junk mail, advertising
or other crap please.

I will also upload the odd computer based project as long as it is something completely different from a standard build or
repair. Aka advanced hardware hacking repairs or a chip by chip build which is very unlikely for a long time. I do have programming equipment but I am very bad at programming.
Maybe I will inspire you just as others have inspired me. Also I have got some interesting computer based projects.

I also will put information about scavenging and where some of the best parts come from. Due to the sites expansion I am implementing categories now, there just... new!.
All the categories will be located on the home page to simplify the site layout as an easy site to build is one that gets uploaded regularly.


Contact me on this Address:

The site is being added to when I get time as I am in full time university so I have even less free time. Please consider this between updates as it could take a long time. Also no junk mail
only related emails to this site, only related what is on this site, such as your projects and ideas, also it is not that hard getting on Google, just takes a very long time. Even improvements
are welcome. Also if you email me put the subject as EPROM 9 or it could be seen as junk.

This is me, Geek Sheek. Yes I am a poser for the camera.
My name is Simon Lyne.
I am one who likes to have some fun, the jokes around the
site should tell you that. Enjoy my work and I hope to
inspire you just as others have inspired me.

Oh yes, before I forget don't forget to have a look at the computing section. It should see some updates in the time ahead.
I have quite a few computer projects to put up such as the Acorn Electron Laptop.

I also now have a YouTube Channel:
In this channel I discuss my interests from electronics to gaming and of course vintage computers. Some consoles here and there.

Copyright of all content of the site is to Simon Lyne, me. Feel free to download it for personal use and for use in education such as school, college or university. But not for commercial
applications. Only personal or educational use is allowed.

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